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It’s always interesting answering questions about my participation in what most people consider the traditional model of church life. I was recently having to fill out a form about this (with very small spaces for answers!), and thought I would post how I answered the requests:

Request: Please provide a few statements regarding your profession of faith, and how you came to faith:

My Answer: I first acknowledged a real relationship with God at the age of 15 through the ministry of Young Life. Since then I have continued on the journey of more fully understanding his love in sending Jesus to earth to die on the cross for our sins, get up from being dead, and ascend into heaven so that his Holy Spirit would come and empower us to follow him.

Request: Please tell us how you are participating in a church and using your gifts:

My Answer: My church journey has taken me through high school and college ministries, evangelism outreach, starting home fellowship networks and worship teams, teaching classes on the gifts, starting traditional churches, and starting home churches. My family and I are active in long-term “churches of 2 or 3” (Matt 18) where support and accountability are best, spontaneous gatherings and hospitality in our home, and occasional meetings and conferences of the traditional church model as the Lord leads.

Request: Please tell us what church you are attending, address, phone, and who your Pastor is:

My Answer: Our church life extends beyond the traditional model or a single location. Pastoral and other gifts occur regularly among us in the interactions with other believers. References are available if desired.

By Page

Aspiring to follow Jesus, married, dad to two young girls, work in IT industry, living in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy playing acoustic guitar, home projects, building stuff, even yard work.

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Hey Page! If you even get this – (ha!), I wanted to say a hearty amen! Praise be to the One only wise God. Hope you’re keeping up with the gatherings of 2-3. It’s so nice that Father didn’t make things too complicated for us. And (added bonus), we can still get together with those 2-3 people, even during coronavirus! At least, as of today (just gotta stay under 10, apparently). 😉

Hi Free,
I’m getting notices of comments to the blog again – yay! Definitely keeping up my small 1-2 person gatherings, so wonderful. Wife and we’re with another couple last weekend, and I’m planning to see my good friend this Wednesday eve. He and have met a couple times a month for 20 years, since we started the house church gatherings. I’m a blessed man and yes, our loving Father is so kind. I’ve also started spending time with a traditional church gang, especially the ones that gather for a regular home group. It’s a recent development in my journey which I’m planning to blog about soon. Thanks for connecting! I pray his presence is strong with you and those close.


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