I love making and restoring stuff. Creating with wood, home improvement projects, restoring electronic items, and the occasional cooking adventures are all very enjoyable for me. I’ll show a “representative” picture here, and you can click on them to go to more photos and sometimes videos.

Second school cubbie for the same school as the first, Jul’20

First school cubbie for a local elementary school, May’20
Gaga ball pits for a local elementary school, Jul’19
Steps and hand rail for a neighbor’s back deck, Jun’19
This one took awhile, because I really needed to learn a lot along the way, but very rewarding to see the finished product!. It’s around 100 years old, mahogany, and a pretty clever hidden leaf in the middle, Apr-May’19.
A couple dressers that needed some TLC, one painted, the other refinished, Mar’19
Geometric squares for Selah’s bedroom wall, Feb’18
Replacing parts in a macbook my dad gave Selah, Jan’18
I took on my first prime rib dinner this year, and did other favorites as well – bon-bons, ginger bread sticks, and chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies, Dec’17
A computer desk to match previously made coffee table in family room, Feb’16
Bed and bedside table for Ellie, replacing the loft bed, made Dec’15-Mar’16
A book stand on the bedside table for my wife, Christine, Dec’15
An artist’s table, Mar’14
A corner computer desk for the guest room, made from a used oak cabinet door, used oak banister posts, and scrap wood and parts I already had. I spent only $42 on this one, making it all the more fun to build, Feb’14
A handrail for the condo to match existing cabinetry, Jun’13
A corner desk and shelves for Selah, matching existing bedroom furniture, Nov 12
A loft bed and desk for Ellie, Dec’10
Master bath remodel, Jan’10