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the years ahead, by the Spirit of God

As I’ve been thinking over all the areas of the church where I’ve sensed God trying to bring correction in me, I believe they all have their root in the same thing – living by the sinful nature. Take a look at the blog category names that I’m using to characterize church activity that I’ve done in the past, yet I now see in a negative light: full-time christian work, money, christian subculture, church businesses. I’m still working through thoughts on this, and I plan to use this blog as a way to log my way through topics and scripture as I continue to seek the Lord on it and dialogue about it with my wife and friends. But at this point I can say that it’s looking like the distasteful aspects of church activity are coming from my sinful nature. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the God of this universe gave us a Savior, Jesus, to help us out of that, and he gives us his Spirit of wisdom and revelation that Paul talks about in his letter to the Ephesians, so that we can “get it” when it comes to living by the Spirit. Perhaps knowing what a good steak tastes like is first being really clear about what a bad one tastes like. I’ve had both, and I’m learning to discern the difference quicker. I’ve tasted of living by his Spirit, and I want all of it that God has for my family and I, and as many as will walk with us, as we go forward. As I see it, I lost over 2 decades trying to follow Jesus mostly – though not entirely – out of the sinful nature. I’ve had periods of pause when God did a significant retooling of my heart, and the last 10 years have been the most significant ever. I’m sure there will always be the unlearning and re-learning as long as we’re on earth. But I’m committed to spending as much of the life before me – personal thought & prayer, marriage, family, work, other relationships, and doing the works of the kingdom of heaven – all out of living by the Spirit of God.

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Aspiring to follow Jesus, married, dad to two young girls, work in IT industry, living in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy playing acoustic guitar, home projects, building stuff, even yard work.

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