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A simple church forum for the Seattle / Puget Sound region

Several good web sites on simple church are popping up, and there’s interest in a forum for those of us in the Seattle / Puget Sound region. So I’ve just started one – let’s see how this goes. For those interested, you’ll find it at

UPDATE some years after the above post:  I closed the web site.  While current trends as I understand them are indicating many followers of Jesus are seeking alternatives to the traditional church model, this particular forum idea didn’t seem to be meeting the needs, so no sense in keeping it going.  I watch with interest to see how God leads people in this pursuit.


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Aspiring to follow Jesus, dad to two young girls, work in IT industry, living in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy playing acoustic guitar, home projects, building stuff, even yard work.

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WOW! What a pleasant discovery to find your blog today… I haven’t read through all of your older posts, just a couple so far, but at this point I’m already blown away by your previous post, warning about the dangers of falling into the old patterns of seperating out certain individuals as “leaders” and essentially creating a re-packaged version of the clergy/laity dichotomy… (something I’ve become increasely concerned with amongst the “simple church movement”) I was also greatly encouraged by your older post on giving money to missions work. We’ve really been wrestling with that whole issue a lot lately, and we actually just wrote a post about it, and got a fair amount of flack for it… Anyway, so excited to meet someone else who actually lives in our area who is passionate about following Christ without the man-made traditions, and corporate-modeled mindsets. We’ve been praying that God would give us the privelage of being a part of larger network of Christ-followers in the Seattle area for some time now, but so far, it has been rather slow going! I’m really looking forward to reading more of your posts, and learning more about the journey that God has brought you on to bring you to this place, that’s always encouraging to hear….

in Christ, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your encouraging post, and great to hear about you being in the Seattle area. I would love to hook up and hear more of your story! Over on we can post private messages to each other and exchange emails to arrange something. I’m not sure how to do that discreetly on this blog.

I looked over your blog – nice, so good to see more of your heart! I look forward to reading more, and perusing the treasure of links – thanks!


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